Coke Studio's New Episode Launched 2016

Karachi: The fifth episode of Pakistan’s music television series Coke Studio started airing on leading TV channels on Saturday (today).

1. Coke Studio's New Episode Launched 2016

Coke Studio's New Episode Launched 2016 Momina Mustehsan & Junaid Khan

Momina Mustehsan & Junaid Khan

The new episode of Season 9 features rising stars like Momina Mustehsan, Junaid Khan, Rachel Viccaji and Kashif Ali along with veteran performers such as RahatFateh Ali Khan, Javed Bashir, Shahzad Nawaz and  Masooma Anwar.

Rachel Viccaji, who will be seen performing a duet with Kashif Ali, is on the stage as the lead vocalist a  second time but has been part of the back vocalists’ trio since last 6 seasons.

The Episode will be featuring 4 songs, including ‘Main Raasta’ by Junaid Khan and Momina Mustehsan, ‘Jhalliya’ by Javed Bashir, Masooma Anwar and Shahzad Nawaz, ‘Shamaan Pai Gaiyaan’ by Kashif Ali and Rachel Viccaji and ‘Saada’ by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Included in the fifth episode of Coke Studio is the second song in the Season of one of the most talked  about singers of the season, Momina Mustehsan.

Momina will be seen performing a guitar solo in her  upcoming song. Talking about ‘Mai Raasta’, performed by Momina Mustehsan and Junaid Khan,  music director Noori said, “The fun part of this song is that we all made it together.

“Junaid wrote the lyrics of his part, whereas Momina wrote the lyrics for her part. And it’s performed in the form of a jam where Momina will be seen playing a guitar solo as well.

2. Momina Mustehsan & Junaid Khan

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