Coke Studio famous star Momina Mustehsan gets engaged in private ceremony

Congratulations to Momina Mustehsan on her engagement with Ali Naqvi.
The pictures of the engagement are making round and it’s not just the Internet, but also hearts that are breaking.

Rumors of her relationship status were recently making rounds, but she shut every off with a simple tweet: “Relax guys! Iam not engaged”

But now that she is, everyone just can’t stop gushing how pretty she looked and how handsome Ali Naqvi looked.
From what someone told us (we must mention here, that we are still waiting for verification from Momina herself), Vice President – Trust & Securities Services at the Deutsche Bank in Greater Los Angeles Area since 2012.

So sorry folks, she is flying far away from here. Though we do hope, we get to hear more of her, and that she does not bid adidos to music.

While you wait for pictures and details to roll out, how about going through some funny comments people have been making since the news of Momina’s engagement is out.