Only four percent pharmacies are according to rules in Karachi

According to Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences, only four percent of pharmacy are according to rules in Karachi

This report is published in the current issue of the Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences. The study reviewed the medical stores of Karachi in 1003 showed that only 4.1% of stores were established according to the rules.

Only 12 percent of the stores included in the study had qualified staff, while only four percent were where the pharmacist.

* 98% of doctors, medical errors

* A standard medical prescription in Pakistan

Moreover, nearly half the store was not sticking to the cell where the drug were licensed, that was more than a third stores the license term.

Another alarming fact found that the vaccine refrigerator without stores were sold around 11 percent, while in 1003 there were only 117 stores and refrigerated to an alternative system in case of power 11.7%.

The edition writes Commenting on Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences, editor in chief Shaukat Javed research that if it was the biggest city of Pakistan, it can be estimated that in small towns and cities of the country. if the condition.

Research the author Syed Shaukat Ali pious king BBC Talking said that the total combined there are medical store near 4500 to 4400 in Karachi, but for security reasons the team did not cover all areas.

However, he says that his team was in the stores, he has not performed in some of the background to the project.

It appears that those who work in stores can be any prosecution against them for violation of the rules that it had no fear.

Every pharmacy in the developed countries, which is called a pharmacy, which is mandatory for the presence of a qualified pharmacist. This pharmacy does not only perform the task of selling drugs, but the entire community pharmacists are quick source of medical information delivery.

According to a survey carried out in 2015 about the honesty and ethics of professions, pharmacists in becoming the most trusted professional. ICM Ltd. According to the survey, 97% of those surveyed expressed confidence in pharmacists. General practitioner in the fourth list, while dentists, teachers and police officer respectively fifth, the sixth and seventh.

The competition does not exist pharmacist at 96% of the medical stores in cities like Karachi and store owners does not care.